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May 12, 2021

Horizons Giving Day begins in

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Expanding Impact. Expanding Horizons.

Expanding Impact. Expanding Horizons.

For decades, Horizons has been working to close gaps in opportunity, helping students from under-resourced communities live empowered, choice-filled lives.

COVID-19 is further demonstrating the strength of the Horizons network. We are harnessing the power and knowledge of leaders at more than 60 sites across the country who are experts in out-of-school academic, enrichment, and social emotional programs. Because our model is designed to be flexible and responsive to each community's needs, we are rethinking, and in some cases reimagining, Horizons programs to meet students and their families where they are until we can be together again.

From ensuring that families' basic needs are met, to preparing the academic, social, and emotional supports that will help students succeed – Horizons is on the front lines responding to this crisis.

With over 60 affiliate sites in 19 states, Horizons is not a one-time intervention; students and teachers stay with Horizons for years, building ongoing relationships that nurture each child. Horizons students are thriving, as they discover a world of opportunities.